WHy Hamilton

Worldwide, organizations are struggling to keep up with ever-changing compliance standards. And at Cognitus, we understand the challenge. This is why, we’re bringing you the Hamilton Engine — designed to enable easy configuration in an evolving regulatory environment.

Expect Excellence

We’re Not New, Our Product Is

Our company, Cognitus Consulting, is a SAP gold partner. We landed the coveted title by demonstrating high-quality business process consulting expertise and a successful track record of SAP software implementations.

No Installation Necessary

Our unique accounting and compliance solution integrates with your existing SAP software ecosystem — without any additional software, hardware, system upgrades, or investments.

We Keep it Simple

Customers who currently run on SAP software, you’ll love that Hamilton is natively integrated with SAP, which makes integrating with your existing G/L and A/P accounts a breeze.

The Hamilton Edge

80 Use Cases and Counting

Hamilton can handle any use case — whether it’s a multi-stage ship construction contract, a standard two-year mobile phone contract, or any other scenario that your business needs to support. We are continually publishing use cases in these industries and many others, all of which are to be supported by Hamilton.

More Flexible than any Competitor

Hamilton is named after one of the powerful mathematical algorithms that it leverages in order to calculate and solve complex compliance problems in a systematic, use case-driven manner. The solution’s flexible framework is adaptable to any one of the various interpretations by entities of IFRS 15 or 16, bringing peace of mind to auditors and legal teams everywhere.

IFRS 15, 16, and Beyond

Hamilton’s compliance algorithm is designed to make your business compliant with current regulations and prepared to handle future ones.

The brains behind the system

Real Solution, Real Use Cases

Your data is enhanced and processed swiftly by the ‘brains’ of the Hamilton engine - these are groups of use-case driven logic that are built in to our framework to allow for the automation of all businesses accounting processes.

New Brains can Always be Added

While our competitors are struggling to build solutions on a case-by-case basis to meet the compliance needs of each accounting standard as it is announced — the Hamilton framework is designed to handle them all.

Flexible Framework

Hamilton does not conform to the limitations of any one particular accounting process or regulatory compliance standard. Our solution is actually a framework, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need to stay compliant in the ever-evolving business world.

All of Your Documents are Ready to Go

With its built-in disclosure and business-reporting capabilities, Hamilton automates everything — now, you can stay ahead of changing compliance standards and enable visibility into your lease portfolio.

GL Accounting Postings & Pro Forma Invoices

Creates and processes pro forma invoices and seamlessly integrates with GL Accounting.

Financial Statements & Disclosure Reports for Compliance

Facilitates disclosure reports for financial and operating leases in compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842.

Business Reporting Data & Documents

Scans, manages, and bookmarks business reports and documents.


Natively integrated with SAP
Supports both Transition Approaches

(Full retrospective approach, Modified Retrospective approach)

Brains distributed to work Independently
Natural Language Processing
Superior and Flexible GL Account Determinations
Framework that supports any Accounting Automations
Superior Reporting and Disclosures



Our extensive SAP implementation experience has given us the confidence to pursue engagements that are more challenging than others and to go way beyond mere mediocrity.

No Rookies Here

We’ve delivered projects to customers of all sizes and industries, ranging from start-up and small-scale enterprises to established multi-national corporations.

We Get It

At Cognitus, we understand the challenges first before selling solutions. That’s why you’ll love Hamilton – we designed it with you in mind.

Executive Team

Nitin Khanna

Sr. VP Sales and Marketing

Budi Rachman

Principal Solution Architect

Pat Sathi

Solution Delivery Lead

We’re ready when you are.